Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Kansk have organized a celebration in honor of asphalt in the yard

Inhabitants of one of the yards in the city of Kansk have held a ceremonial opening of asphalt, the first for 44 years. Organizers of the event have invited representatives of administration and have made champagne. Guests of a holiday even cut a red tape at border of the asphalted covering, reports the edition. Residents of the house have told that filling brick lay in the yard within 44 years, from the moment of construction of the building. They called emergence of a covering "victory" and have shared the emotions overflowing them. Local authorities have spent for asphalt laying 1,3 million rubles within the federal program. At the same time the edition has noted existence of joints and holes at a cloth and also lack of borders. Photo: to Share: Administration asphalt yard Kansk holiday program of a photo