Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Kemerovo are asked to help the exhausted bird from the warm countries

The Kemerovo zoodefenders have reported that they to the capital of Kuzbass from Chebulinsky district delivered a pelican. Experts have assumed that at a bird, unusual to our edges, migration wasn't set. As specialists of "The center of the help to exotic animals" have told the correspondent of VSE42.Ru, now examine a young pelican. – Now, in bad condition bodies (exhaustion, dehydration, weakness), he all the same very big and very much wants to eat. Persons interested to feed a pelican can buy small fish – a bream, a perch, a sazan, a carp and to bring to us, – zoodefenders have written in the group to VKontakte. We will note that in Chebulinsky district on ice nine pelicans remained to sit. In the nearest future experts of the help to wild animals and birds plan to withdraw them from the nature and to help with a wintering. Photo: Nataliya Ivleva to Share: Kemerovo pelican help fish of a photo Chebulinsky district