Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Kemerovo have warned about dangerous fittings on the road

Inhabitants of the regional center are revolted that on the street already long time is fittings about which people falter. Eyewitnesses are sure that sooner or later the design will become a cause of the tragedy. The resident of Kemerovo by the name of Georgy has complained in social networks of dangerous fittings: the piece of metal sticks out of a concrete fencing and poses a threat for people and cars. – REGISTRY OFFICE, even party of Lenin. Fittings dangle week, constantly someone falls. It is impossible to tear off, to bend too. I tried, – the man has told. Commentators have disagreed. One have said that the simplest option – to cut fittings most. Others consider that the relevant services have to be engaged in it. The third are sure that so far somebody won't suffer, measures won't be taken. Photo: Social networks to Share: Kemerovo REGISTRY OFFICE fittings of Lenin danger of a photo