Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Kemerovo were interested in "disease" of the driver of the parked foreign car

In community "Incident of Kemerovo" there were photos of the foreign car parked on a lawn, and residents guess what has induced the driver to park quite so. – How this disease is called? – the author of the photo questions, specifying that an incident has occurred on Shakhterov Avenue, 82. Commentators playfully notice that the disease is called "well to nobody disturbs" and "an allergy to asphalt", at the same time in the majority nevertheless showing discontent with actions of the driver. We will note that on a photo it is visible that around the car there are enough parking lots, and earlier the vandal has broken the car parked in Kemerovo. Photo: Incident of Kemerovo to Share: autoboor lawn foreign car Kemerovo king of the parking Kuzbass of a photo