Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Novokuznetsk poison cats and windows to zoodefenders beat

Between inhabitants of the house No. 61 on Thorez Street in Novokuznetsk "war full of fleas" has moved to a new level. Now unknown have begun to beat glasses to zoodefenders, and domestic cats to poison or catch. In one of houses of Novokuznetsk there was a conflict in the summer. The local resident has complained of the good-natured grandmothers who are feeding up domestic cats who live in the cellar. According to her, cats transfer fleas, and parasites have bitten her juvenile children. Her opponents have tried to explain to the woman that cats aren't guilty of distribution of fleas in the apartment. However not to stop her any more – she has begun to threaten not only animals, but also zoodefenders. – By the legislation, cats if they already live in the cellar, have the right there to live. The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities even has obliged builders to leave pro-spirits in order that animals could enter and leave quietly! – quotes "City N" of the concerned resident of the neighboring house. Soon threats have turned into real actions. One of cats was poisoned, to zoodefenders have broken windows. Migrants have begun to catch cats nets, and answer the arising questions: "In the cellar of a flea!". According to the neighbor, the initiator of persecution became the woman whose children were bitten by parasites, and management company. Photo: City N, Google.images to Share: fleas animal cats Novokuznetsk windows persecution of a photo