Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Novokuznetsk were left without hot water for three months

Inhabitants of several multi-storey buildings on Vokzalnaya Street of Novokuznetsk during the summer should live without hot water. The reason for that – shutdown of a modular boiler room. Residents of houses No. No. 111 and 113 became hostages of circumstances. Earlier for more than 20 years hot water supply for all summer vanished together with heating, but in the current year the problem was aggravated. – Whether with documents there were some problems at administration, whether with service. But the fact is that as soon as the heating season in May has ended, so a boiler room have cut off and, respectively, hot water supply too. Though officials swore and christened that we at last will be in the summer with hot water. What will be farther and as affairs with heating will be in the winter, we don't know yet, – reports City N of a word of the resident of Novokuznetsk. The deputy head of Novokuznetsk on housing and public utilities has promised residents of multi-storey buildings to understand a situation. Now there are negotiations with the large resource supplying company for statement of a modular boiler room which was got by citizens, on balance. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: hot water high-rise building Novokuznetsk Power and housing and public utilities