Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

Residents of Tuscany are evacuated because of wildfire

In the Italian Tuscany the strongest wildfire became the reason of evacuation of locals. Fire has flashed on Monday evening, but it can't still be extinguished. At the moment the fire area is 600 hectares. Already now about 700 inhabitants of five settlements have left the houses. Three people it was necessary to hospitalize because of poisoning with burning products, RIA Novosti reports. The authorities also urge locals to be evacuated independently. The head of the Pisa fire service has said that the arson which has been made with criminal intention became the reason of ignition. Also this assumption was already confirmed by the mayor Kalchi who is near the ignition center. 180 teams of experts and 50 volunteers are involved in suppression of fire. In addition, two planes and four fire helicopters work, but strong wind doesn't give the chance to localize ignition. Photo: Google.Images to Share: wood fire Tuscany evacuation