Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Residents of Yekaterinburg hadn't liked the signature of the new speaker of municipal duma

The deputy of the Ekaterinburg City Council has published the photo in which the signature of the new speaker of representative body Igor Volodin is visible in a social network. Plain symbols became subject to discussion of locals. Some users of Network have considered that it is possible to forge the unique signature of the speaker. Others have at all doubted its authenticity. Journalists of URA.RU have addressed for explanations in reliability of the signature of Volodin the staff of criminalistic laboratory and the speaker. – Set of letters. There is no logical and consecutive thinking. Existence of an incoordination of movements of the 2nd group – usually it happens at senile age or under the influence of the forcing-down factor of decrease in threshold visual control of small motility, that is in an unusual psychophysiological state, – correspondents cite words of the expert of UrGYuU. Igor Volodin has explained to news agency that he uses the signature for 30 years for bigger openness. According to him, he has developed the unique mechanism of writing, still when was an employee of criminal investigation department. The speaker has also noted that he asked the assistants to try to forge the signature, however at them nothing left. Photo: Google.images, Facebook to Share: Volodin municipal duma Yekaterinburg signature of a photo