Date: 4 weeks ago   Category: Society

Responsible for deadly road accident in Novokuznetsk was caught in attempt to run away from the country

The resident Novokuznetsk was caught in Altai Krai in attempt to disappear from the country. So the man tried to avoid punishment for deadly road accident which responsible he became in March of this year. In March of the current year, the resident of Novokuznetsk, without the right of driving and in alcohol intoxication, did not manage to drive and became the reason of road accident in which the 46-year-old driver of other car died. Then responsible hurried to flee the scene, the press service of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kemerovo region reports. As a result for leaving of the place of road accident the 40-year-old man was taken into custody for 15 days. Moreover, he became the person involved in criminal case. For traffic offense threatens it up to five years of imprisonment. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: Road accident Novokuznetsk criminal case