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Rhetoric of the leader. New season. Readiness No. 1!

When we prepare for a conference, negotiations or the presentation, we often stake only on the text of a performance. And in vain! We give 60-80 percent of information not verbally – experts of business communication assure. Success depends on how you stand as hands and legs are located as you use a mimicry, gestures, from methods of attraction attention of audience and even from color of a suit. The unique author's RHETORIC of the LEADER program is developed for those who it is constant on a look who should act, hold meetings and to give an interview. In the program: management of fear of a public statement, technique of the self-presentation, the "ideal speaker" model, work on the camera, the analysis of your nonverbal behavior, study of a mimicry and gestures, work with "complex", aggressive-minded audience, preparation for an interview, NLP bases, business image, technicians of the famous politicians and many other things that is necessary for you at negotiations, performances and conferences. Classes are given by one of the best trainers of Kemerovo: Pavel Klyuchnikov, the certified business coach, the coach of ICF, the teacher of the Presidential program of management training, Olga Tabashnikova, the associate professor of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics certified an expert NLP, Irina Chichendayeva, the TV host, the author of the training programs for work in a shot. Among cases and stories of victories of graduates of RHETORIC of the LEADER – the case carried in court, employment on a desirable high post, successful negotiations, elimination of the conflicts at the enterprise, creation of qualitative rollers and video content, high rates of sales. The coauthor of the course RHETORIC of the LEADER Irina Chichendayeva emphasizes: "Experts constantly work with presidents and other important political figures. Him create an image, control their public behavior. And what happens in fact to our person and the case as we look, addressing audience – we have no idea. The camera – the only tool which allows to analyse objectively your social behavior and to understand as far as you are convincing for public, are interesting and authoritative. We are proud of the fact that our program is unique!" Set in group on the RHETORIC of the LEADER program is open. All details by ph. 8 (3842) 44-69-77, 8 (3842) 63-63-66, 8-962-734-6977. The group in VKontakte to Share: As advertizing