Date: 7 months ago   Category: Society

Road builders have created a ramp on the avenue Sovetsk in Kemerovo

In the regional center capital repairs of Sovetsky Avenue come to an end. The day before there was a new ramp which will facilitate life to disabled people. The day before on the avenue Sovetsk in Kemerovo near the regional museum FROM there was a new ramp created within large-scale reconstruction. The contractor has underestimated an onboard stone on the parking that the visitors of the museum moving on wheelchairs could get on the sidewalk at once. – A roadwork on the ave. Sovetsk is in a final stage, it was necessary to finish asphalting of zayezdny pockets, to establish 200 road signs, safety island at Central post office, to put a road marking, – have told in municipal administration. Also on safety islands in places before an exit to the carriageway the special tactile tile which will help visually impaired citizens to define the safe place is laid. Photo: The administration of Kemerovo to Share: Kemerovo museum ramp Sovetsky Sovetsky Avenue of a photo