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Roman Kartsev's funeral in Moscow will be closed

The ceremony of farewell to the people's artist of Russia Roman Kartsev will take place behind closed doors. A funeral will take place on the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery in Moscow. Yesterday, on October 2, it became known of the death of the Soviet and Russian humorist, people's artist of theater and cinema Roman Kartsev. The actor's director Natalya Zheromskaya has told journalists of Zvezda TV channel that her 79-year-old ward has died from heart failure. The daughter Kartseva, Elena, has told journalists of TASS that anyone won't be able personally to say goodbye to her father. According to her, the actor will be buried on the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery in Moscow behind closed doors. About where and in what look there will take place the ceremony, it isn't reported. Also there is no answer to a question of whether Kartsev will have a wreath on a funeral with a tape. This information was also confirmed by the FAN the head of production center "Moskontsert" Lyudmila Karchevskaya, having noted that not all relatives of the actor have agreed in opinion on the venue of a farewell ceremony. – It is known that Roman Andreevich will be buried on the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery, on the Avenue of actors. But haven't decided yet where will say goodbye to the people's artist. There is a question – or it will be the House of writers, or it will be the Union of theatrical figures of the Russian Federation, or it will be the Moscow theater Et Cetera under the leadership of Alexander Kalyagin, – she has explained. Many cultural figures have spoken the death of the people's artist, having expressed the deepest condolences to friends, colleagues and Kartsev's relatives. Vladimir Vinokur became one of them. – Roma – both the ingenious film actor, and the theatrical actor, and the variety actor. That is in one person a lot of things were combined. But the most important – he never was star, but was very kind and loyal person, both on the attitude and towards the audience, and towards all people around. It is just inconceivable loss, – the FAN colleague Kartseva has told. Vladimir Putin has also expressed the grief in connection with loss of the people's artist of Russia. – In this mournful hour accept my condolences and the words of sincere support. Roman Anshelevich Kartsev – the light, talented actor, the person of surprising charm and sense of humour has died, – heads of state have cited in the press service of the president words. Roman Kartsev was born for several years prior to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in Odessa. After leaving school in difficult post-war years future actor has gone to work for garment factory. Then he has begun to act gradually in a local theatrical circle. In 1960 he was invited in student's theater "Parnas-2" where Kravtsev has got acquainted with the permanent partner on performances Victor Ilchenko. Since 1979 Kartsev worked in the Moscow theater of miniatures. In 1988 he has passed under Mikhail Zhvanetsky's guide. In 11 years he has been awarded ranks of the People's artist of the Russian Federation. Speaking about Kartsev, it is impossible to forget also about his contribution to cinema. So, the role of the chairman of a domkom in the Soviet movie "Heart of a Dog" became one of his best-known works in movies. Photo: google.images to Share: Actor of karets Moscow funeral farewell of Troyekurovs