Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

Rosgvardiya Zolotov's head has personally prevented terrorist attack in Moscow

The head Rosgvardii Victor Zolotov has personally convinced to be given the man who threatened to arrange explosion near the Kremlin. An incident has occurred on October 3 in Moscow on Vasilevsky Descent. Traffic police officers have stopped the suspicious foreign car. The driver has told police officers that the gas cylinder is in his car. He has threatened to blow up him if don't provide him a meeting with Putin or Zolotov. Rosgvardiya's head has arrived and has had a talk with the terrorist. After the conversation the man has agreed to give up. According to Zolotov, then they have together pulled out a gas cylinder from the car. The driver was arrested. The seaside businessman who experienced difficulties with business was him. According to TASS, his problems aren't connected with Rosgvardiya in any way. Photo: Google.Images to Share: explosion Zolotov Kremlin Moscow Rosgvardiya