Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Roskomnadzor has demanded to remove delivery of pirated content by inquiries

Roskomnadzor has sent the management of "Yandex" the letter with the requirement to stop issue of the movies and series falling under the "anti-counterfeiting" law on search queries. Representatives of the press service of supervising department have told journalists that this requirement has been imposed to service in connection with the judgment. – Actions of Roskomnadzor within the "anti-counterfeiting" legislation are defined by Art. 15.2 of the Federal law "About Information, Information Technologies and on Information Security". On the basis of this article notices of need of implementation of decisions of Moscow City Court by the termination of access on service "are sent to Yandex to Yandex Company. Video" to the movies specified in these decisions, – have explained in department to correspondents of RIA Novosti. It is noted that on Friday, August 24, court TV-3, 2h2 and Super to "Yandex" about the termination of distribution of illegal content have met the requirement of TNT TV channels. By court it has been established that delivery on search by "Yandex" of the websites with production of applicants violates the rights of owners of intellectual property. Photo: google.images to Share: blocking piracy Roskomnadzor requirement of Yandex