Date: 5 months ago   Category: Science

Roskosmos told about a request of the USA to construct the ship for a Moon mission

The USA appealed to Roskosmos to create the version of the Union ship for the piloted flight to the Moon, the head of state corporation Dmitry Rogozin said. According to him, despite tension between the countries and fast start of own ships, Americans ask to continue flights of "Unions" with the astronauts. – Even ask that we developed the version of "Union" which could work to the Moon and back – to create the second, backup space transport system, – Rogozin on air Russia-24 noted. The head of Roskosmos also told that in 2019 tests of a superheavy missile Angara will be resumed, in 2022 flight tests of the new piloted Union-5 ship Irtysh will begin. Photo: To Share NASA: Moon mission Roskosmos Union