Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

Rosstat recorded the accelerated increase in prices for sweets

Rise in price of confectionery at the beginning of 2019 accelerated three times, Rosstat reported. According to department, cakes and rolls rose in price for January for 0.9%, gingerbreads – for 0.97%, cakes – for 0.81%. Chocolate grew in price for 0.72%, and candies – for 0.94% in a month, thus, their rise in price accelerated by 13 times. As a result average growth rates of the prices of confectionery exceeded last year's indicators three times. As the expert explained to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, last year producers tried to keep the prices in domestic market, but after increase in the VAT the cost of products began to grow. Photo: to Share: confectioners rise in price Rosstat of sweet of the price chocolate