Date: 6 months ago   Category: Incidents

Rostekhnadzor called the reason of "long state of emergency" in the Kuzbass Esaulskaya mine

The inconsistency of actions of the electronetwork organizations became the reason of nine-hour disconnection from power supply of the Esaulskaya mine. The chief of the Kuzbass department of supervision of power networks and power stations of consumers and power supply of the Siberian management of Rostekhnadzor Victor Brodt has reported about it at a meeting with participation of supervisory authorities, regional officials and representatives of the coal companies. – The fact that on an air-line which feeds shakhtovy substation (Esaulskaya – a comment of the author), three operating organizations could serve one of the reasons of it. It at us IDGC Siberia – Kuzbassenergo-RES, "Power supply network", and Evrazenergotransport. On the extent of networks 21 kilometers three operating organizations which are obliged to organize interaction, to coordinate the actions. In this case coordination of actions was at the unsatisfactory level, – Victor Brodt has emphasized. According to him, it is possible to solve a situation if "with this question to sit down, to discuss, to do something". At the same time, as the CEO of VOSTNII Yury Filatov has told VSE42.Ru, in the Esaulskaya mine in December of last year there has passed the energy audit as a result of which Filatov's subordinates have revealed that at the enterprise "everything is good". We will remind that the energy audit of all Kuzbass mines has begun about two years ago. Development of recommendations about increase in safety of power supply of these enterprises became his purpose. According to Yury Filatov, now within this campaign about 70% from 42 mines operating in the territory of the region are surveyed. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: "Power supply network" Evrazenergotransport of Kuzbassenergo-RES accident Victor Brodt Victor Rospotrebnadzor of VOSTNII of Kemerovo of IDGC shutdown of state of emergency Esaulskaya mine electronetwork organizations Yury Filatov