Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

Russia can deliver to S-300 to Syria in response to an incident about Il-20

One of countermeasures on an incident with Russian Il-20 can become delivery to Syria of the S-300 missile systems, Kommersant with reference to military sources reports. The source of the edition notes that deliveries of S-300 to Syria can become an argument in favor of refusal of Israel of air operations. He hasn't excluded that ZRK the Russian officers will operate. On September 17 the Russian scout plane has been hit by the Syrian S-200 complex. The Russian Defense Ministry has conferred responsibility for the event on the Israeli Air Force whose fighters have endangered Il-20. Israel denies the fault. After the incident the Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to take measures which "will notice everything" and which will be aimed at safety of the Russian military in Syria. Photo: Google.Images to Share: S-300 silt-20 Syria