Date: a month ago   Category: Economy

Russia could not provide citizens with products by 2019

The Russian producers could not implement the plan for self-sufficiency of the country products during 2018. Requirements of the doctrine of food security did not manage to be executed on milk, potatoes and salt. So, the specific weight of domestic milk was 84.2% at the expected level of 90%. For 0.1% of the plan potatoes lagged behind. Especially low was an indicator of salt of the Russian production – 64.2% at necessary 85%. As noted in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Russian producers could fully provide the market with vegetable oil, grain, sugar and also meat and meat products. The authorities believe that the share of local goods needs to be increased though, it contradicts the interests of the largest supplier of products from "risk group" – Belarus, Izvestia writes. The doctrine of food security works till 2020. It fixes a ratio of products of domestic and import production in the Russian market. Photo: to Share: food products production self-sufficiency goods