Date: 3 weeks ago   Category: Science

Russia will send astronauts to the Moon

The head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin announced disembarkation of experts to the Moon. Rogozin told that in 2029-2030 there will take place the piloted flights to the Moon. Besides sending a moon rover, disembarkation of the Russian astronauts is planned. They will spend 14 days there. If tests take place successfully, then the module for life and work of experts will be equipped there. Writes TASS about it. Besides, the head of Roskosmos noted that tests of the Sarmatian new intercontinental ballistic missile (IBM) go according to the plan. It will allow to remove civil devices in space, Izvestia reports. Photo: Pixabay to Share: astronauts moon Rogozin Roskosmos