Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Ryazan "businessmen" issued to migrants counterfeit documents

The Ryazan police officers have found "firms" which carried out illegal legalization of migrants in the territory of Russia. Their activity was stopped by law enforcement authorities. As reports, on the region have carried out 15 searches in houses and offices of suspects. Thanks to it it was succeeded to withdraw objects and documents with information on illegal migration. It is noted that searches went at the same time in different places of the city in order that criminals couldn't destroy the proof or disappear. According to the investigators, two residents of Ryazan, 55 years and 30 years, have organized "firm" which illegally passed migrants on the territory of Russia. For this purpose they processed to them counterfeit documents. In papers it has been stated that foreign citizens are accepted on employment by various companies. The same documents provided in territorial authority of migration registration for obtaining permissions to temporary residence and the residence permit. Actually to foreigners no work was offered. Law enforcement agencies already managed to find several "workers" from the Republics Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan and to withdraw their documents. Investigation and collecting proofs continues. Photo: To Share Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Ryazan region: migrants Ryazan photo