Date: 10 months ago   Category: Culture

Sale of tickets for Eldzhey's concert in Dagestan was suspended

Sale of tickets for a concert of a reference point of Eldzhey in Makhachkala has been suspended. Organizers couldn't give the answer to a question of the reasons. Representatives of the company promoter in a conversation with journalists of haven't excluded a possibility of cancellation of a concert. – You know, this issue is now resolved. Here we had problems, here will be calmed down, then we will talk, – the edition cites words of the interlocutor. On a question of what has served as the reason of suspension of sale of tickets organizers haven't given any answer, having explained only that there were difficulties. Official representatives of the musician haven't commented on a situation yet. Photo: google.images to Share: tickets Dagestan concert Makhachkala Eldzhey