Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

School students have arranged knifing in Canada

The Canadian teenagers have put up a fight as a result of which two school students had to be hospitalized with knife wounds. An incident has occurred in the city of Milton, the Province of Ontario, on September 5. As reports CTV TV channel, several people participated in a fight. During her two teenagers who needed urgent hospitalization have been wounded. At the moment nothing threatens their lives and health. It has become clear later that one of hooligans has brought a knife on a meeting. In the middle of the fight he has pulled out him and has wounded teenagers. The police managed to find him and to arrest. Law enforcement authorities don't reveal the identity of children, incident details also don't make a reservation. The fact that participants of a skirmish minor is the reason of such reserve. Photo: Google.Images to Share: children fight Canada knifing