Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

Schools of South Korea will impose a total ban on caffeine

In South Korea new amendments to "The law on safety of food of children" come into force. New edition of the law has dictated a total ban for sale of any drinks with caffeine in the territory of schools. In the Republic of Korea since September 14 the total ban is imposed on sale of any caffeinated drinks. The ban is stated in the law on safety of food of children. As Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports, already now in the Korean educational institutions it is forbidden to sell coffee to pupils though vending machines of the invigorating drink at schools are. It is meant that only adults use these automatic machines. But as access to them isn't limited, also children can buy coffee. That to correct it, from the middle of September in the shops, cafe and automatic machines located in the territory of schools of initial, average and highest steps of Korea, coffee as well as other drinks with caffeine, won't sell at all. As have noted in the Ministry of Health of Korea, overconsumption of coffee can provoke excitability, sleep disorders and other problems with health at children, and therefore is decided to remove drink far away from eyes of school students. Photo: Google.Images to Share: caffeine caffeinated drink sale school students South Korea will lock coffee