Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Scientists called the most killing cat on the planet

The lovely small animal of the size of a domestic cat in a night kills more than ten rodents and birds, Life writes. Authors of series Super Cats consider that they have found the most dangerous cat on the planet. This is the little chernonogy cat living in the south of Africa. As experts consider, this cat the most killing, despite the small sizes – length of a body of an animal seldom exceeds 50 centimeters, and weight is 1-3 kilograms. The matter is that at small predators the accelerated metabolism and therefore the chernonogy cat is forced to come for hunting approximately each hour. As a result in a night the cat kills 10-14 small rodents or birds. The chernonogy cat doesn't represent danger to people or large animals, but it is known that the efficiency of her hunting is approximately three times higher, than at lions. Photo: Google.images to Share: Africa cat hunting chernonogy cat