Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Scientists have found out that ancient people have begun to grow up grain for the sake of beer

Archeologists of Stanford University from the USA have drawn a conclusion that practice of brewing preceded cultivation of cultural cereals and that production of beer became one of the reasons of development of agriculture and ancient civilizations. In the territory of modern Israel have found traces of brewery which on several thousands of years was more senior than the first cultivated grain crops in the Middle East in a cave. – It is about mortars which belonged to carriers of natufiysky culture. These people lived approximately in 10–12 000 years B.C. and as we assume, were able to cook something like beer. They used this drink in the ritual purposes – for example to esteem the dead, – the staff of Stanford University about the finds in Rakefet's cave tells. Scientists consider that natufiyets used three-stage process of cooking, turning at first wheat starch or barley into malt by a prorashchivaniye of grains in water. After them dried, kneaded raw materials and heated and, at last, left to wander. Photo: VSE42.Ru to Share: cooking ancient people grain Israel beer scientists