Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Scientists-jokers from England and the USA have forced large editions to print fake articles about feminism

Three scientists from Great Britain and the USA have written comic researches on feminism and have dispatched them on editions. Several serious scientific publications have published false articles. The The Wall Street Journal magazine has told about researchers James Lindsey, Helen Plakrouz and Peter Bogossiana on October 2. Scientists called themselves "leftist the adjusted liberals" and have written not less than 20 fake articles. Within a year researchers dispatched the works in large scientific magazines. Editions have accepted seven materials and four more have published. Among articles the research which is completely based on the book by Hitler Mein Kampf was found (it is forbidden in the territory of the Russian Federation). Also scientists have considered discrimination of dogs on a basis of sex and orientation and have suggested to enter the term "thick bodybuilding". Authors of articles have explained an experiment with desire to convict reality of "conflict researches". Photo: Google.Images to Share: Great Britain editions science of article of the USA feminism