Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

Service for the tourists robed in the subway is entered in Paris

The victims of pickpockets can report to the subway of Paris theft in the simplified form. At six stations of the Parisian transport, mainly in the downtown, there were centers where the victim of pickpockets help to fill in the application form for theft in the simplified form including in English, tells "Evropuls". As notes the edition, earlier the appeal to police was the only way for the foreigner to report theft in the Parisian subway or the train. But it took a lot of time, including because of a language barrier. But in use of new service there is a number of restrictions. So, if the pickpocket not only has robbed the tourist, but also has put him damages, it is necessary to contact police. Those who were robbed for the sum more than one thousand euros, and those who saw the attacker also have to contact police. In that case the French gendarmerie has to record testimonies of the tourist quicker to find the thief. The trial period of new service will last to the middle of May, 2019. Photo: Google.Images to Share: gendarmerie statement pickpocket theft of the Paris subway