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SGK began scheduled preventive maintenance in Novokuznetsk

In the Factory, Kuznetsk, Kuibyshev and Central districts of Novokuznetsk the Siberian Generation Company (SGC) makes scheduled preventive maintenance on quarter heating mains. Till May 15 in Central, Kuznetsk and parts Kuibyshev the districts of Novokuznetsk examination of 310 kilometers of quarter heating mains and also 907 thermal cameras will be conducted. In the Factory area experts will carry out audit of 110 thermal cameras and 18 kilometers of thermal networks. In total in Novokuznetsk 328 kilometers of quarter heating mains will be surveyed. To thermal cameras power engineering specialists show special attention. Nearly 70% of all defects of the thermal networks caused by corrosion, statistically, are the share of them. For this reason thermal cameras regularly undergo audit, especially at the end of a heating season precisely to estimate a condition of the equipment and, in case of need, to plan repair for the forthcoming summer. The matter is that air in the thermal camera damp – affects a difference of temperatures between cool walls, overlappings and hot pipes. Because of condensation of moisture the thaw is formed, in certain places metal begins to suffer from it, corrosion appears. Works during scheduled preventive maintenance include not only preventive inspection, but also updating of a corrosion-resistant coating of pipelines and metalwork, replacement of a heat-insulation layer, check of the equipment of the pumping-up pump stations and its maintenance. To reveal about to repair potentially emergency sites of pipelines on quarter heating mains – one of tasks of scheduled preventive maintenance. These measures allow to promote beforehand and effectively providing qualitative heat supply of consumers during the autumn and winter period. In Novokuznetsk Siberian Generation Company serves 489 km of thermal networks in one-pipe execution, including 319 km which SGK received in service at municipality on a leasehold basis. Photo: VSE42.RU to Share: Kemerovo repair of the SGK Siberian Generation Company Energetika and housing and Public Utilities heathighway