Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Signs of global disaster are found in Siberia

NASA has found signs of global disaster in Siberia and on Alaska. Scientists from the American aerospace agency NASA have published in the Science Alert edition data on detection of thermokarst lakes in the permafrost region in Siberia and on Alaska. NASA has found the deepenings filled with water which arise because of thawing of permafrost which is located deeply in soil. They are called thermokarst lakes. By estimates of scientists, near such lakes permafrost can thaw on 15 meters in depth instead of several centimeters. The problem is that this phenomenon is observed where the kriolitozona wasn't affected by rather high temperatures tens of thousands of years, explains. Besides, thermokarsts increase emissions of the carbon dioxide which is contained in permafrost by 125-190 percent in comparison with those amounts of carbon dioxide that are released at gradual thawing. And it will accelerate warming of climate and will strengthen the related droughts, floods and extreme frosts. Photo: Google.Images to Share: NASA permafrost climate lake warming thawing thermokarst