Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

SK has asked to release defendants in the case of "New greatness" under house arrest

On Thursday, August 16, 2018, the court will consider the petition for release of two participants of "New greatness" – Anna Pavlikova and Maria Dubovik – from the pre-trial detention center. The investigator of SU of SK across Moscow will come in court with the petition for change of a measure of restraint from detention for house arrest for 18-year-old Anna Pavlikova and 19-year-old Maria Dubovik accused of the organization of extremist community "New Greatness". This decision is made taking into account data on persons and lack of the bases for further keeping of girls under guards, the lawyer Maxim Pashkov has reported. Anna Pavlikova and Maria Dubovik have been taken into custody in March, 2018. The Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has confirmed earlier that in administration of the head of state the address of mother Pavlikova with a request of her daughter has arrived to soften conditions of keeping in the pre-trial detention center. Photo: Google.Images to Share: house arrest Moscow new greatness of the pre-trial detention center of SK court petition