Date: 6 months ago   Category: Science

SpaceX showed video of falling of the first step Falcon 9 to the ocean

The SpaceX company carried out start of the carrier rocket Falcon 9, however when that returned to the spaceport, the first step fell to the Atlantic Ocean. – The first step fell to water. But good news is that we obtained many data which will allow to understand what occurred and to improve its reliability, – said broadcasting. It is noted that for start the new step which had to make landing to the spaceport near the place of start on Cape Canaveral was used, RIA Novosti reports. After incident Elon Musk on Twitter explained that unsuccessful landing is caused by a problem with the hydraulic pump. He assures that the step near the coast and is in good condition. Specialists of the company also went to the place of the crash to get a step from water. Photo: Google.Imagesvideo: to Share: Falcon 9 SpaceX of video start Elon Musk rocket