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Storages of toxic waste will be rewritten in Kuzbass

In the Kemerovo region will make the full register of tailings dams which contain toxic waste of ore mining industry. The Russian scientists suggested to make the full register of all tailings dams which contain toxic waste of ore mining industry. Lists have to include the most dangerous storages of waste in the Urals and in Siberia, especially in the Kemerovo region, Izvestia writes. According to scientists, storages contain vapors of arsenic, antimony, beryllium and a set of other poisons, dangerous to the person, which poison the soil and get to sewage. The census has to reveal burials which contain non-ferrous metals and other valuable chemicals much. Such warehouses can be of interest to business as processing of their contents can be commercially favorable. – As a result of processing of waste from storages it is possible to make on one thousand tons of copper a year, – the director of production of the Retsikling company Konstantin Cherny explained to the edition. It is possible to extract from waste commercially valuable chemicals and metals, up to gold. After processing waste turns into harmless slag sand which can be used in road construction. Photo: to Share: Kemerovo region Kuzbass Waste census register storage