Date: 8 months ago   Category: Science

Students volunteers are ready to participate in the activity directed to increase in financial literacy of the population

At the Kemerovo state university within the "Assistance to Increase in Level of Financial Literacy of the Population and to Development of Financial Education in the Russian Federation" Project (which is carried out with assistance of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation) according to the volunteer program directed to increase in financial literacy of the population in the field of insurance more than 165 volunteers – students of legal institute were trained. The program is directed to training of volunteers and the solution of the practical questions connected with demand and competence of volunteer work for increase in social security of the population with use of insurance mechanisms. The modular training program, along with basic provisions of insurance (the advantages of insurance operating with social insurance programs for the population, key conditions of insurance, ways of protection against unfair insurance companies or intermediaries, etc.), includes questions of organizational and methodical bases of volunteer activity and also of features of partner interaction with the public authorities interested in the organizations and insurance companies in the course of preparation and implementation of volunteer programs. Participation of youth in volunteer activity not only promotes the solution of socially significant tasks, but also allows to gain new knowledge and experience, to develop own creative activity, to realize the abilities and initiatives, to get and develop professional skills and new practicians of socially useful activity, to seize technologies, receptions and forms of the organization and implementation of volunteer activity. Everyone to increase the financial literacy in the field of insurance and also the acting and future volunteers can independently undergo free distance learning with use of the specified modular training program, game tests and the Insurance without Borders online exercise machine, having registered on the website. To share: As advertizing