Date: 9 months ago   Category: Politics

Sweden doesn't plan to give Assange, so far in the USA to threaten him the execution

Sweden won't extradite the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange to the USA while he is threatened by the death penalty, the Swedish ambassador in Moscow Peter Eriksson has said. – Sweden looks for him on suspicion of sexual crimes, he committed them or not, we don't know, didn't judge him yet. If to let out him from Embassy of Ecuador and will transfer to Sweden, then there will be, of course, an investigation, – quotes the ambassador of RIA Novosti. At the same time the ambassador notes that Assange's extradition in the USA is possible in the presence of legislative bases. Assange disappears in Embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012, being afraid of delivery of the USA where he is threatened by the long prison term or the death penalty for disclosure of the classified information. Photo: Google.Images to Share: delivery Julian Assange execution Sweden extradition