Date: 6 months ago   Category: Society

Swindlers have decided to profit on the family of missing kuzbassovets

The missing relatives of the resident of Novokuznetsk began to receive several months ago messages that the man was allegedly kidnapped. At the same time malefactors have promised to release the citizen in exchange for money. Since October 18 native the gone worker of ZSMK Vitaly Bondik messages from unknown number from "thieves" who allegedly hold at themselves hostage of the resident of Novokuznetsk began to arrive. Malefactors have demanded to transfer them 200 000 rubles in exchange for the man and on "Yandex a purse". The sister of the gone citizen has told Новокузнецк.ru that she has understood the extortion fact at once. The woman has assumed that the prison prisoners trying to turn the next swindle could be telephone swindlers. Information was transferred to law enforcement authorities. Earlier the editorial office VSE42.Ru wrote that Vitaly Bondik was gone on June 29. Last time the man was seen by colleagues in the territory of ZSMK. Now volunteers, police and his relatives are engaged in search of the resident of Novokuznetsk. Photo: Новокузнецк.ru to Share: money swindlers the man Novokuznetsk was gone relatives of a photo