Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

Swordsmen and fighters will perform at a festival of martial arts in Kemerovo

In the regional center there will take place the festival of martial arts at which representatives of dozen of various directions – from kendo to a pankration will perform. In the provincial center of sport Kuzbass the festival of martial arts will be held on August 31. Experts on fight will arrive to Kemerovo from all area to show to the audience the skills. So, the festival will be attended by masters and pupils of the different directions: Thai boxing, wushu, karate Kyokushin kaikan, hand-to-hand fight, taekwondo, kendo, universal fight, ju-jitsu, where and also grepling and панкратион. Besides, the famous karatekas are world champions and Europe – will show the skills of a tamesivara (dissecting of firm objects barehanded and legs). Without age restrictions. Photo: google.images to Share: boxing of karate of Kemerovo of kendo festival