Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

Tens of thousands of bees have attacked a tent with fast food in New York

The swarm of bees has stuck around the cart with hot dogs on the popular tourist place – Taym Square. About 20 thousand bees have stuck around a tent with food. New York Post has reported that because of insects Taym Square had to be blocked. It has been made for safety that insects haven't bitten passersby. To cope with invasion, the police officer in a protective suit has brought together insects by the vacuum device. After that all bees were safe and sound brought far away from people. It is noted that as a result of an incident nobody has suffered. From where in the center of New York there were so many bees and that has attracted them to a tent with hot dogs while remains to unknown. BEES? BEES!???? Hordes of people eagerly watched as an NYPD officer-turned-beekeeper used a vacuum to remove a swarm of 20,000 bees from a New York hotdog stand???? — Guardian Australia (@GuardianAus) on August 29, 2018. Photo: to Share: video New York of a bee of a photo hot dogs