Date: 9 months ago   Category: Science

Testing of twins has confirmed one of gender stereotypes

The British researchers in common with the colleagues from Russia as a result of testing about 1,5 thousand couples of twins have come to a conclusion that spatial abilities at men are higher, than at women. One of organizers of a research professor Yulia Kovas I have told journalists of Izvestia that results of testing of brothers and sisters at the age of 19-20 years which all life have lived together have confirmed a stereotype, widespread in society. – In our research, as well as in many previous, men have shown on average more good results, than the woman, according to all spatial tests with a gap to 16%. It once again confirms that spatial abilities differ from others, for example, the general intelligence on which differences between men and women aren't observed, – quotes the edition of the scientist. It is noted that spatial is more capable than hypotheses of a divergence between the stronger and weaker sex exists very much. It agrees one of them, testosterone produced by an organism when forming a fruit has significant effect on the solution of spatial tasks the person. Photo: google.images to Share: gender space of distinction of ability stereotypes