Date: 10 months ago   Category: Society

The 25 anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation can become date of the announcement of amnesty

Anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation – worthy date for the announcement of amnesty, the head of the Presidential Council of human rights Mikhail Fedotov considers. "Such significant date as the 25 anniversary of the Constitution, of course, is worthy to become a reason for the announcement of amnesty", – Fedotov has told RIA Novosti. But according to a remark of the defender of human rights, and without announcement of amnesty by new rules of offset of term in the pre-trial detention center many convicts will be released earlier. Amnesty if it is announced, first of all will be applied to convicts for traffic offenses and to the illegal migrants who aren't observing the stay mode in the territory of the Russian Federation. We will remind, the Constitution of the Russian Federation has been adopted on December 12, 1993, and has come into force on December 25, 1993. Photo: Google.Images to Share: amnesty the constitution the migrants condemned anniversary