Date: 2 months ago   Category: Sport

The 80-year-old resident of Kemerovo received the gold sign GTO

Claudia Tolkovtseva who celebrated 80-year anniversary executed standards of the sports complex "It Is Ready to Work and Defense". Claudia Tolkovtseva, 1938 of year of birth took part in Kemerovo in the Center of testing of GTO standards at Shakhtar stadium in the most senior age group. The resident of Kemerovo came to the Center together with the granddaughter who wanted to execute standards. Instructors suggested also it to execute standards of the GTO complex. Following the results of delivery Claudia Tolkovtseva executed all standards of GTO in the XI step and received sign GTO I of degree. Her granddaughter executed the GTO complex in the age category on sign GTO II of degree, the press service of administration of Kemerovo specifies. Photo: to Share: GTO of Kemerovo resident of Kemerovo Kuzbass complex standard