Date: 2 months ago   Category: Incidents

The abandoned collector car burned down on the parking in Novokuznetsk

The day before in Novokuznetsk on the parking the collector car of the known Russian bank burned down. The eyewitness assumed that there was an arson. On Monday, February 11, in the territory of the secured parking to the address Kondomskoye Highway, 6A, building 8, the collector car burned down. The eyewitness assumed that fire flashed as a result of an arson. – Perhaps, the arson since ignition, judging by photos, came from a cabin was made and in the car still there were burned chips. From where to them to undertake in the collector van? – the author of pictures reported to the City-N portal. The bank reported that this car was not operated since December, 2018. As a result of ignition people and values did not suffer. Now the event reasons are established. Photo: City-N to Share: bank collection Novokuznetsk fire of a photo