Date: 10 months ago   Category: Culture

The actor of series "The Street of the Broken Lamps" has died

The people's artist of Russia, the employee of Sovremennik theater, Anatoly Uzdensky has died at the age of 66 years. His colleagues on the official site of theater have reported about Uzdensky's death. – Anatoly Efimovich has died in Novosibirsk. In Sovremennik the holiday has begun. He has gone to the city which was to him to the family for many years. The destiny has disposed so that his heart exactly there has ceased to fight, – it is told in the message. For the long-term career the actor has participated in a set of theatrical performances of the Novosibirsk and Moscow theaters. He has also acted in more than 50 movies and series. Among his most known works – roles in series "The Street of the Broken Lamps", "Cops' Wars" and "Gangster St. Petersburg". According to the FANNS, problems with cardiovascular system became a cause of death of Uzdensky. Photo: google.images, Sovremennik to Share: the actor Anatoly Uzdensky Novosibirsk the Street of the broken lamps has died