Date: 8 months ago   Category: Society

The actor of series "Wood-grouse" was arrested for seduction of the boy

The Moscow police officers have detained the famous actor Mikhail Fateev on suspicion of seduction of the 14-year-old teenager. According to Telegram-channel Mash, Fateev has got acquainted near the subway with the boy who distributed newspapers. He has given to the teenager the number and has asked to contact him. The school student has written to the actor. Fateev has begun to invite persistently the boy to himself home and also to send a pornography. The teenager has told all to adults. They have written the application to the police. Law enforcement authorities have detained the actor for distribution of a pornography and seduction of minors. Mikhail Fateev is known to Russians on roles in series "Wood-grouse", "Hour of Volkov" and "Soldiers". Photo: Google.Images to Share: wood-grouse Moscow teenager seduction фатеев