Date: 9 months ago   Category: Culture

The actor who has played a role of the Superman will act in series "Witcher"

The actor Henry Kavill who became popular thanks to a role of the Superman will play Geralt from Riviya in series "Witcher". The Netflix company was engaged in production of the serial film. The show runner Lauren Hissrich I have already confirmed information on Kavill's participation in series. – He Geralt, and always was him. With huge nervousness I welcome Henry Kavill in family of "Witcher", – it has published on Twitter. According to the show runner, she has been always sure that Kavill has to play Geralt. She knew that he will get a role since that moment as soon as the project has been approved by the management of the company, RIA Novosti reports. The actor has also hinted at participation in shooting in the Instagram, having joked that his new house – the Kingdom of Kaedven. "Witcher" – a series of novels of the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkovsky in a genre of a dark fantasy. In 2007 there was a game of the same name based on the literary Universe of the writer. Photo: Google.Images to Share: witcher of henry кавилл sapkovsky Superman