Date: 8 months ago   Category: Sport

The All-Russian day of walking has passed in Kuzbass

In Kuzbass sports walking competitions were held. The day before on Metallploshchadka in the Kemerovo district at Sukhovsky stadium the open competitions on sports walking dated for the All-Russian day of walking and a victory of the Kuzbass athlete Vyacheslav Ivanenko which has won the XXIV summer Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul were held. Olympic champions and politicians have taken part in mass calling and also about 100 athletes from the cities and the Areas of Kuzbass and the next regions have fought for superiority. First place in the age categories was won Konstantin Kapustin from Novokuznetsk (among young men up to 18 years at a distance there are 5 000 m), Ivan Ivanenko from the Kemerovo district (among young men up to 16 years at a distance there are 3 000 m) and others, the press service of regional administration reports. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Kemerovo Kemerovo district of Kuzbass Metallploshchadka of a competition sport walking