Date: 9 months ago   Category: Society

The Altai pensioner has beaten the burglar by a rag

In the city the Stone - on - Ob the 77-year-old pensioner has noticed that the thief tries to leave the yard of her house with the stolen things. The woman hasn't become puzzled and has fought back the uninvited guest. The usual rag became her main tool. As have told in the Altai prosecutor's office, the man has broken a window in the private house and has climbed inside. There he has collected metal products, planning to hand over them in scrap metal yard. When the burglar got out of a window, the grandmother has approached the house. Having noticed the thief, she has begun to shout and beat the defendant with a rag which I have found on the earth. The become puzzled malefactor has tried to escape, but the woman has rushed to a pursuit with shouts: "You catch the thief". Casual witnesses could seize the man. Later the resident of Altai Krai has admitted the guilt in full and even actively promoted investigation. He has explained that he was just drunk. The man is threatened by punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to six years. Photo: Google.Images to Share: Altai Krai thief beating pensioner rag