Date: 11 months ago   Category: Incidents

The American couple has robbed the homeless for 400 thousand dollars

The married couple from Philadelphia by means of a crowdfunding campaign has collected 400 thousand dollars for the homeless man. However, as it was later, the man hasn't received promised, and on the special account created for him there is no cent. At the end of last year in the middle of the route in the American's car Keith Makkluer has ended gasoline. In the girl's purse there was also no money. Needing was come to the rescue by homeless Johnny Bobbit who has spent the last 20 dollars for fuel. The girl has published this harrowing story in a social network and has begun a campaign for fund raising for the noble man. Users of Network have collected worldwide for Bobbit who was the veteran of VS of the USA, about 400 thousand dollars. Makkluer assured journalists that the last has spent 200 thousand dollars which she has transferred Bobbita for alcohol and drugs therefore the girl has decided to leave money for preservation in the crowdfunding organization. – We won't give for anything this money to him in a charge. I will better burn them in front of his eyes, – the guy Makklyur Mark Д' has said; Amico. The former military claimed that he has received only 75 thousand dollars from the raised funds from couple. According to him, they have spent the most part of the received money for trips and expensive cars. Then he has decided to assert the rights in court. On August 30 the court has issued the decree obliging young people to give all means Bobbita, however yesterday, on September 4, the lawyer of the homeless has told journalists that he on the account on which as it was supposed, money had to be stored isn't present cent, Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Now law enforcement agencies will understand a tangled situation. Photo: Google.images, Facebook to Share: homeless Bobbit bum money Makkluer court of the USA