Date: 2 months ago   Category: Politics

The American experts announced a victory of Russia in sanctions war

The American edition issued article in which told how Russia wins sanctions war. As professor of political science from the University of the commonwealth of Virginia in the USA Judee Tvigg in material for the National Interest edition noted, restrictions of the West stimulated growth of the Russian economy. So, sanctions allowed to bring agriculture in the country out of a condition of stagnation. – Sanctions created an opportunity to restore the crippled food industry of Russia for Russia. Many investors who did not show any interest in agriculture earlier suddenly became interested in this subject, – Tvigg added. Such effect professor explained with reciprocal restrictive policy of the country, in particular, the ban on import of products from the USA and Europe which stimulated internal development of the food industry. Photo: VSE42.RU to Share: Europe West of the sanction of the USA economy