Date: 2 months ago   Category: Politics

The American government is threatened by new shutdown because of murderers in prisons

The government and also some other federal institutions of the USA can go to unplanned vacation due to the lack of money again. The U.S. President Donald Trump on the Twitter said that the authorities cannot still compromise, despite threat of new shutdown. – Democrats, unfortunately, again behave irrationally. They not only do not want to give dollars on obviously necessary Wall, but now and refuse to support murderers in prisons. What occurs? – the president wrote. As specifies RIA Novosti, on February 10 in the White House and the congress recognized that negotiations on an occasion of contents of the budget came to a standstill again. Let's remind that on Catholic Christmas a number of federal bodies of the States, including the government, were incapable to work due to the lack of financing. Disagreements of democrats and republicans concerning contents of the budget of the country for 2019 became the reason. The parties agreed to the temporary budget only at the end of January. Thus, shutdown of 2018-2019 became the longest in the history of America. Nevertheless the final budget for 2019 is still not created. If the project is not approved till February 15, U.S. authorities will be threatened by the next suspension of operations. Photo: Pixabay to Share: budget U.S. Government Trump shutdown